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Returning crown store mounts

Soul Shriven
How often if at all do mounts return to the store? I really want the black senche panther and it says it released in 2015 and then was removed but i have seen it a lot recently even on low cp players which i find it hard to believe they have been around that long when some of them are in the 10-30cp range? However the last 3 months i haven't played because i was busy, returned yesterday and like i said i have seen it regularly so i was just wondering did the mount return in the last 3 months since i have been gone? There's also a mount in the crown crates which are just leaving now which is a black senche but it has armor on, that's not the one i actually mean though, the other one I'm talking about has nothing on it.

Best Answers

  • Turelus
    There isn't really a set time for item returns outside of holiday items (which come back each event).

    A number of the items do come back as items within Crown Crates, the best way to check if something has come back would be to look for it on UESP as they're pretty good about keeping their page updated with info on such things.
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  • ghastley
    There are two answers to this, because the mounts may come back as individual purchases for Crowns, or as RNG content for the crates. I got my black senche-lion from a Psijic Vault crate give-away event about a year ago, but those don't happen any more, and you'd have to buy crates these days. If you're waiting on the senche-panther, it was in the Wild Hunt crates.

    The crates seem to rotate approximately annually - and the original intent appears to have been four seasonal ones, but there are a lot more than four types now - but intervals and durations are irregular. For individual mounts in the store, it may be three or four years before they return.
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