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Both physical and digital

Soul Shriven
Sorry to question I have the base game, Morrowind and Summerset all physical copies and have just recently got the digital upgrade of Elsweyr. But I’m tired of having to use the disc every time I play in the PS store they have the eso bundle and was wondering if I purchased it would it effect my account and the expansions I have bought
  • Nestor
    So it sounds like you have all the content on your account. So, I am not sure what would happen. Normally when you buy a new edition and apply it to your existing account, it will just upgrade it as needed. You already did the Upgrade, so, not sure if it will give you the account that does not require the disk.

    Note, if you start a new account, as a new edition would allow, nothing transfers from your current account. Although you can email stuff.

    However, and understand I only have about 3 hours total on my PS4, if you install a game, you should not have to use the disk to play a game. I don't have my PS4 connected since I moved a year ago, so I can't check myself, lol.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Waiirua_ogre
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks Nestor I’ve installed the game but every time I go play and the disc isn’t in it always says please insert disc
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