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What's your Favorite Lore?

  • khajiitNPC
    first and foremost I love Khajiiti lore, obviously — that is followed by anything pertaining to Vivec. I love Tower lore and the funny dialog that’s happens in the Imperial Sewers, glad to see it reappear in Summerset. I’m very fond of the esoteric bits and pieces. ‘What could be’, is far more interesting ‘what is’ and a lot more interactive for the community.
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  • goldCoaster
    1) The Godhead

    2) The subtle connections between the Elder Scrolls and Fallout universes.
  • robertbmilesb14_ESO
    The Argonians and just their background.

    Thanks to Coldharbour we meet some who are pre-Mud Huts and know about the Xanmeer.
  • Vilahelm
    There's so many aspects of the lore that I personally love. But if I had to pick two of my favourite race lore, it would be the Argonians and the Redguards. The Argonians just have a really cool culture and their connection with the Hist and Blackmarsh is super interesting to me. The Redguards also have an interesting culture, especially when they first arrived in Tamriel.

    Though with Elsweyr, my interest in Khajiit lore has also peaked, and it's been fun running around and learning about it.
  • Jaimeh
    I came into the Elder Scrolls series and have loved the lore ever since! There is just so much to get into and love. I personally love the Khajiit (the race I play) and the Argonian lore. How about you guys? What's your favorite lore subjects and stories??

    May the Stars Guide Your Steps,

    ESO is my first TES game, so I've spend time reading wikis and learning more about the lore in Tamriel. My favourite stories are probably ones revolving around the Dawn era and the creation of Nirn. I guess it wouldn't be very interesting in terms of having a game featured around it, but I really like Lorkhan's story in particular.
  • Nephthys
    Anything Dunmer gets me every time.
    Dunmer magicka Necromancer DPS/Healer
  • 2Weenies
    Dunmer lore dork here as well. I'm especially a sucker for Indoril, his backstabbing fetcher poet friend, nerd master, and terrible wife comrades, and the Sixth House.
    "We're watching you, scum." ~ Every Ordinator who witnesses my social media commentary
  • felislykos
    Soul Shriven
    ALL OF IT!

    But if I have to choose, Khajiiti or Dunmeri stuff is my favourite
    🐾 Dariya Moonshadow

    Champion of Vivec & Saviour of Morrowind

    PC - EU
  • gjohnson146
    Hey guys, I'm the one who created this discussion. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I'm very happy that this discussion has blown up and that people are enjoying it and having great talks. Thank you all and let's keep it going :smile:
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