Tank & Heal searching for a Progression-Guild!

Soul Shriven
Hello :)

After a long break, we´re searching for a new Team.

About us:

*Main: DK Tank (all important Sets available) Twinks: Nightblade Tank (vSS proved), MagNecro -> max CP
*Main: Templar Heal (all important Sets available) Twinks: Warden Heal, Necro Heal (coming soon), Magplar -> max CP

*all Carglon Trials with HM
*vMol with HM
*vHOF with HM
*vAS +2
*vCR +2, +3 till 30%
*vSS (fire HM)

Online time:
We're both online in the evening the most of the days from 18:30 UK Time (or 19:30 CEST Time) and can stay till max 22:30 UK time (or 23:30 CEST Time) *unless we have free on the next day*
Discord & TS available

What we're searching for:
*a guild with whom we can raid 2-3 evenings per week.
*a team that strives to improve constantly (Teamplay, Scores etc)
*no beginners guild, or groups which are new formed.

For more informations, wirte us ingame or on discord.


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