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Solidarity Gaming - Recruiting new, returning and veteran players!

Soul Shriven
We are a multi-game community with a strong history in competitive MMOs. We have established end-game progression oriented teams in WoW, and FF14. Our community has branched out toward ESO to compete and accomplish high end PvE and PvP content.
At our core we are a community that likes to accomplish everything a game has to offer, but we highly value game-life balance. Our goals are to progress at a high level but we believe that maintaining a fun atmosphere is imperative to the longevity of any good organized guild. While we do aim to min-max and achieve higher skill caps, we realize that real life is important as well. This means that we progress at our own, various speeds and are welcoming to new players!
We are currently looking for new, returning and veteran ESO players that are proactive in the community and are looking for a good group to call home!

• Both PvE & PvP oriented mindset.
• Players to fill both relaxed and more hardcore play schedules.
• Fun, drama-free, raid atmosphere and an active Discord community with a wide variety of gamers.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information:

GM - Radee - @Radee (ESO) or Radee#9461 (Discord)
Co-GM - Phantix - @Phantix (ESO) or Phantix#8896 (Discord)
Officers - Twadey - @Twadey (ESO) or Twadey#8366 (Discord)
  • Phantix
    Soul Shriven
    Always recruiting! :smiley:
  • Phantix
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for more Veteran and new players!!
  • lb1sh0pl
    Hello there, returning vet gamer and I'm looking for a home in ESO. Please let me know if you have room!
  • Baybaeckz
    Mainly I’m interested in growing with a guild for trials and achievements if you think we can be a good fit please send invite. In game @name is the same 😊
  • The_Lex
    Hey, there. I'd love an invite. Ign: The_Lex
  • Baybaeckz
    will send an in a game email for the invite :)
    Characters (PC NA) :

    Sovern Stone Stance| Nord Dragonknight | Tank | DC
    Nionel Raina | High Elf Sorcerer | Magicka DPS | AD
    Cataninetail | Khajiit Stamblade | Stamina DPS | EP
    Marielle Javierre| Breton Templar | Templar Healer | DC
    Blessed-by-the-Hist Argonian Sorcerer | Magicka Healer | AD
    Alishondra Andante| Dark Elf Magblade | Magicka DPS | EP
    Ettienne Varro | Imperial Warden | Stamwarden |PVP EP
    Yazagra gra Snargara | Orc Templar | Tank | DC
    Boziann Lecorre | Breton Necromancer | Healer | DC
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