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[PC-EU] Mechanical Pacruity - [PvE Raiding guild] looking for tanks for vCR + progression

Soul Shriven
Mechanical Pacruity is looking for 2 offtanks in vCR +2 progression where we will be going for +3 really soon.

If you are interested contact -Nameless#6038 or Hannerup#0017 on discord or me ingame @toxichannerup
  • mitchtheelder
    Orc Nightblade - Manndingo
    BretonTemplar - M Akh
    Nord Dragonknight - Ser-Gregor Clegane
    High elf Sorcerer - Grand Maester Mitch
    Dark elf Nightblade - Gilbert Arenas
    Redguard Dragonknight - Half Man Half Amazing
    Redguard Sorcerer - Uncle Drew
    Imperial Dragonknight - Ser-Gregor Clegane I
    Imperial Warden - Sandor Clegane M
    Nord Necromancer - Tormund Husband to Bears
    Breton Necromancer - Ana Maria della Salute
    Argonian Warden - Gustavo Giviria Rivero
    High elf Sorcerer - Jackie Kennedy
    Orc Necromancer - Lucifer Blackstar
    Redguard Templar - MItch Buchanon
    Tick Tock Tormentor
    Immortal Redeemer
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