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Two Wenches One Goblet & Way of the Wench (ps4 na)

  • keyagi
    Soul Shriven
    Would like an inv pls. Psn is Keyagi
  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    @keyagi - Will be sent soon. Thank you!
  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    Room still available for new members 🤗
  • GreenhaloX
    Two wenches and a goblet.. hmmm.. sounds nordish, vikingish. It's cool. Shoot me an invite, please. Thank you..
    PSN: greenhalo
  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    @GreenhaloX - thanks! Sending tonight ❤
  • HydraRider26
    Soul Shriven
    If yall have room for one more invite plz thx
  • HappyJTheClown
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested in joining. Dues are no problem. My PSN is HappyJTheClown
  • Nocturnal_Annoyance
    Post has been rewritten to include new guild and other small changes 😁
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