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I can't find anyone on Sotha Sil Xbox NA. I type lfg and get nothing.

I join every night and never see anything in zone chat. I head to the front keeps (if we have any to begin with) and look for any activity and see none. In the off chance I see someone type something in zone chat, I instantly invite them to a group but they never accept.

Any tips for me? Should I join another campaign? The sheogorath one is non-cp also but there looks to be even less players on it? Do I just suck it up and join the CP campaigns and get crushed?

I'm desperate here. I make lfg posts on xbox and everything and never get responses. Does anyone have any tips at all?
  • KillsAllElves
    Guilds go in there to flip keeps and boost for emp.

    another reason being that most people do not want to play in a non cp campaign and rightfully so!

    Go to vivec or shor.

    If youre a red good luck.
  • geonsocal
    this was my experience when I first started to pvp - I'd ride around for hours looking for other players...

    check the population "meters" to see which map the largest groups of players are on...

    usually that will be the 30 day cp campaign...

    your character may not be necessarily built or experienced for that level of play, but, it's better than pvping alone, which isn't really "pvp", but, rather "pwy" - playing with yourself :p

    depending on the time of day you can play, and, server you are currently on, you may end up needing to change servers just to find a decent populated map to play on...
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  • UppGRAYxDD
    Sotha Sil...aka ghost town on xbox. You will only see action there during PvP events and when a guild is flipping the map for an emp push...other then that its literally a PvE zone with occasional PvP.
    "Stendarr's mercy be upon you, for the vigil has none to spare."
  • GimpyPorcupine
    I really like the idea of non-CP PVP, because then it's just a change of skills and armor to go in and out of Cyrodiil. I main as a Mag Sorc, and the CP loadout is completely different for the two environments. And being on console means that we can't use an add-on for pre-sets.

    But I go into Sotha, and it is absolutely deserted. And even when there are allies in there, they frequently don't pick up LFGs from zone. It's pretty disheartening.
    8-hr/day casual gamer on Xbox NA. 20 Characters, all DC, all Level 50. +2200CP
  • Raammzzaa
    As others have stated, go to Vivec, or Shor. If you are lower CP then Shor may be a bit easier on you, but I really wouldn’t be too worried about jumping into Vivec. You should be able to find a group in Vivec all day, every day.

    If you really like ESO PvP, I would also be on the look-out for a guild as well as you play with different groups.

    Just don’t stand next to me. I don’t want to get VD’d! 😂
  • Defilted
    Sotha on Xbox NA is most of the time zero bars for all three factions even during primetime. I do see one bar AD sometimes Friday and Satyrday night.

    If you want NoCP PVP on Xbox NA you will need to go to BGs. If you want Cryo PVP you will need to hit Shor or Vivec. Shore has better performance and the pop caps are 2 and three bars per faction. Vivec is always pop locked but the performance is really bad.
    XBOX Series X

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