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How do I solve this dependency thing?

Really, this is getting on my nerves already. I need two addons to work, but they're missing some things. Where do I find them? How do it install them?
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Best Answer

  • Lunovus
    In the client, in the addon section, check the dependecies that are missing (the ones in red).
    Make a list of them.

    Then in Minion, search those missing dependencies (most named "libSomething"), and install them with Minion.

    The names in the client and in Minion may differ a bit (client seems to show folder names, while Minion may show a different name).
    In case of doubt go with the name that most closely matches what you search for (f.e. client shows "libGPS" while Minion shows "libGPS2", or "libMapPins-1.0" in client and "LibMapPins" in Minion).
    You can check TESO's add-on folder to see if the right folder name shows up.

    Install those missing dependencies, and your add-ons will hopefully work again.
    Do it with Minion, so Minion can handle them and keep them up to date if needed.
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