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Linking another gamertag

Howdy folks. My question today is this: I have 2 gamer-tags on my Xbox One. My first, I've been playing ESO for over 3 years. I have a second, I was gonna let my kid use, and I wanted it linked to the first, so I don't have to re-purchase everything. Now, while I was setting up the 2nd account, it asked me, specifically, if I wanted to link this account with the other- I switched my monitor screen over to "TV" so I could use my computer to check this out here, on the site. I was unable to see anything, other than different platforms I could link, so I went back.

I guess a button was bumped somehow, and the "no", which was highlighted by default, was pushed. I've not been able to get that screen to show up again, even though I completely removed every aspect of the 2nd account, and then began once more. I tried several times, to no avail.

So, I figured maybe it was further in, after building the character, etc, yet, I never found anything. They've played though Coldharbor now, and I came back here, and can still not find a way to link the 2nd gamertag.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know I'm posting this late, so I'll check back tomorrow. Thanks to any and all, with suggestions, including any devs that may pop on.

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