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ESO themed D&D story Season of Fire

Essentially it is what it says on the tin. I wrote a short beginners campaign using D&D 4e mechanics and rule sets set in Tamriel during the time of ESO.
I had to make a lot of educated guesses but I thought if there are other groups out there playing similar games they may enjoy the concept I will share links to my DM notes feel free to use as much of it as you like for your own games.

The Premise of the Story - Pacrooti has announced a new season of Crown Crates but something has gone wrong.
DM Walkthrough/Campaign notes
DM Maps, Traps & Monster Cards

You should be able to make copies of these documents which you will be able to edit.

How we play - We started off as a one shot group at our annual real life guild meet up, but we enjoyed it so much we wanted to play more regularly with guild members from all over the world.
So we use Discord with a bot called Avrae which we use only for dice rolling as we use 4th edition d&d not 5th. We then use a Google spreadsheet similar to the one I shared above as an encounter map. N.B. For your PC to be visible on that map you need to give them editing permissions.
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May you have keen eyes and sharp scythes

Morrigan Duskhunter
Aldmeri Dominion - Sorcerer

The Reapers Guild - PC/Mac - EU - AD
The Reapers Guild are recruiting! We run regular events from Motif Gathering to PvP. We run weekly N. Trials and achievement earning events. We have a website we require you to join us on and a Guild Hall with Transmute and Crafting Stations. We also have TS and Crafting Officers. We are a community we love to help so any experience is welcome. We are looking for people who join in! Jump in a group tag along to an event or play and chill in guild chat or on our Teamspeak channel. Really join in and get chub in our fishing events! Get "welcomed to the asylum" by whispering me
  • Martinfort
    This looks very interesting, I will have to give it a solid review and try it out with my campaign group on an off night.
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