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MBP 2019 -- Unplayable

Soul Shriven
MBP Spe cs:
2.9 GHz Intel Core i9
32GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB

As you can see, I have the top of the line MBP 2019. I run many games perfectly fine, even on Bootcamp. However, on Mac OS my ESO lags unbelievable. Even putting all the settings to LOW, I run into 5-15 FPS. Now this MIGHT change if I zone into a dungeon or something and I hit 60FPS. I tried V-Sync on & off but still no work.

Any tips or advice? It literally is unplayable :(
  • demerdecanswrath
    That's impossible. Sounds like the app is utilising the integrated GPU instead of the Vega. Can you confirm?

    The client is horrible but not that much.
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  • DeadlyRecluse
    ESO has always been poorly optimized on Mac---I used to play on a 2009 imac and it did run, but the performance was muuuuch better when I installed a windows partition and booted that up, rather then running the mac client or bootcamping it.

    You've got 3x the specs of my old imac, but I suspect the real issue is just the optimization--I'd try partitioning and running it in a windows install, if you can.
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