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Solve the space problem


I have been fighting this space/size problem of the ESO client for a long time now. I have an MBP, and 70GB on the internal 512 GB SSD is an issue. Especially with Updates, the system told me that there was not enough space to install them. That kinda sucks.

So I tried to find a workaround, and nothing seemed to fix this.

Now I found one, which is actually pretty simple. I have an external RAID connected via Thunderbolt. I wanted to put ESO there, but from all reports I heard the client crashes when you try this.

What I did is use a CLI Linux command to create a so called symbolic link. What you do is:

1. Copy your ESO directory from
(It is a folder called Zenimax Online there) to the target directory, let's say
/Volumes/External Drive/Applications/ESO_External
2. Create a smbolic link in your
-folder to the new folder. For this
a) Open a Terminal window
b) Go to your
c) Create the symlink:
ln -s /Volumes/External\ Drive/Applications/Zenimax\ Online ESO_External
3. Now change the shortcuts you use to start the game to the launcher in the new directory (It is in the
Zenimax Online
Folder and called

I kept the original for a while, just to make sure.

DISCLAIMER: This worked and still works for me, for some weeks, so I am reasonably sure it is not going to break. All addons work, the Elsweyr Update worked.... This does not guarantee it will work for you.

I also did not add more detail on how to move things, Linux syntax (masking) and so on, just to make sure that no one who does not at least grasp some Linux basics will do this. If you are not sure how to do this, please find someone around you who does, or do not do it. If problems arise, you have to undo the changes, for this you will need some knowledge.
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