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Skyshards and lorebooks on the map for consoles - for sale in CS

Soul Shriven
Wouldn't it be awesome, and such a QOL improve, if console players had the possibility, to purchase a skyshard package or lorebook package from the crown store, so that the locations are displayed on the map...?! PC Players already have such add-ons.
  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
    Be careful of what you wish for... Very careful.
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  • Defilted
    I would pay for map addons
    XBOX Series X

  • Laz
    On console you have a web browser too, just use that you can swap back and forth easily look up their locations in each zone. Fextralife wiki for ESO is really good.
    Edited by Laz on May 19, 2019 3:24PM
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  • russelmmendoza
    Dont you guys have phones.

    Seriously though, google play have eso apps to help your qol in eso.

    Console addons for eso is.......

    Dont hold your breath.
  • Wolfpaw
    ZOS should just add them to zone guide.
  • Starlock
    No, it wouldn't. Not when a $2 application exists that does the same thing and Zenimax would charge well, well more than that for such a thing.
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