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Steam files for ESO missing and moving onto another hard drive?

If this is the incorrect place to have this then I'll move it to the appropriate category.

Been playing since 02/2017 with no issues via steam. Then today, after playing it yesterday, I go to play the game at 8pm EST aaaannnnnd ESO files are gone; steam found 25 GB but have to install 50 GB randomly, don't know why. Figured screw it since I've been meaning to move my files over to my other Hard Drive anyway for Elsewyr on Monday.

My problem is how I go about it. I researched that I just can't uninstall it via Steam and reinstall it onto another hard drive, but in lieu of 50GB going missing (didn't touch my computer since last playing so I really have no idea what happened) I'm not sure what to do without something else going wrong. Should I install the 50GB and then follow this thread (, or are there any other recommendations?

Thank you!
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