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Leleena Laroick

Soul Shriven

The Journal of Leleena Laroick,
Vulkhel Guard Mages Guild

     From the time I was old enough to start learning to read, I was fascinated with tales of healers, doing that they were called to do, help people. A few years later and I was spending a lot of time at the temple, watching the healers work and always full of questions about how they did what they did, and what was the worst injuries they had dealt with. When I started to show signs of being magickally gifted, I think my mother was relieved. She knew I wanted to be a healer, and she knew how hard I would take it if I couldn't pursue that dream.

     I spent years traveling, and training, not only with the best healers, but on battlefields, where there isn't time to pause, to worry about if I was making the right choice. I learned early that the most challenging injury to heal was a head injury. The surface healing, stopping the bleeding, mending the bone, was the easy part. Getting the brain working right was harder, and if not done correctly could have massive consequences. I have met people that were normal adults, going about their lives, before a head injury that were mentally a small child for the remainder of their lives after the injury. I have met people that were left blind, or mute after a head injury. I have seen both temporary, and permanent amnesia from head injuries. I have met people that should have been fine, but were left struggling, not because the injury was bad, but simply because it couldn't be treated right away.

     I have been seeing some new, unusual after-effects of injuries, and unusual issues lately. I have decided to name them, and make notes, in the hope that I can learn enough to be able to treat these issues. Some of these I only have a hint at, others I understand the nature of the issue, but haven't deciphered a treatment for yet.

Wayshrine Travel Displacement

     This started as an oddity I noticed while still in training. i was walking to the Haven Wayshrine, following the healers and Ashia, another there for training. Walking a little way ahead of me was a Khajiit trader named Ma'soud, that had been in town three days. I had heard him asking the healers questions about issues, and had seen him come to the temple one day when he was having trouble talking. One of the assistants told me Ma'soud had suffered a head injury a few years ago, and he still had fits where he had trouble putting words together. He had also told then if he tried using the wayshrines during these odd fits, he would step in, see the stars, connect to the web of sojourn, feel himself being lifted like normal, but when he opened his eyes at the end he would still be in the same place. The healers had asked if he would be willing to demonstrate the wayshrine issue the next time he had one the attacks. And that was what we were walking to the wayshrine for. Nedhvir, one of the assistants, stepped up to the wayshrine, and went to the Redfur Trading center. We watched Ma'soud step up to the wayshrine next, and repeat the motions. We saw the sparkling lights, but then it was all gone, and Ma'soud was still standing right there. It was honestly like his mind had somehow reset his destination in the middle of traveling. Lillanddur, the head healer at the temple, had been telling us about the difficulties of healing head injuries, and when Ma'soud came along, it was a perfect training tool.

Stress Trigger Blindness

     I was in The Rift when I met Fridreir Cabbage-Voice. She had fought in many battles, many wars. She was the kind that tended to look over her shoulder, and be startled easily. She knew she was stressed in general, even when there was no reason to be. One night, after several meads, she told me about an incident in her last fight, that made her retire from fighting and come back home to farm. She said they were mopping up gangs in the hills of Shadowfen. They were cleaning out a camp, when the other half of the gang came back from a raid, and had her unit trapped between them. She had been using a bow to take out lookouts, but quickly grabbed her two axes as the reinforcements closed in. She clearly remembered swinging at the first guy that ran at her, and him going down bleeding. What she couldn't see, what wasn't there, was her axes, She could feel them. She could kill with them. What she could not do was see them. She  admitted that when she returned home, she had hung her beloved axes on the wall over the fireplace, but found even here, back at home, there were times she couldn't see them hanging there when she looked at them. She had finally taken them down and locked them in a chest, where their weird disappearing act couldn't bother her.
  • Darkhorse1975
    You should look into "Arrow to the knee" Syndrome. Somehow it seems to make the sufferer immune to death.
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  • AberrantNetch
    You should look into "Arrow to the knee" Syndrome. Somehow it seems to make the sufferer immune to death.

    He's wrong <3
    "This isn't as grand as the spells I learned from the Daedra" Rilis XII
  • gamer_d
    Soul Shriven
    Another suggestion: Nightblade induced paranoia. It's often caused when someone sees a Nightblade go invisible and starts attacking everything around them.
  • CerraA
    Soul Shriven
    Periodic Memory Fogging

         I was in the Alik'r, traveling to help out the nomadic tribes, when I first saw this effect in person. I still have no idea what the cause could be. Possibly something in the geography, or in the power lines the priests used to talk about. It doesn't even happen every time. It seems to be very sporadic. From talking to some people traveling with others affected by it, it sounds almost like an illness. It hits them, affects them for a while, then goes away, but not at the same time interval for everyone. What it does, is whenever the affected person goes through any sort of a doorway, or natural arch or portal, they seem to loose consciousness, but not to the degree of them falling over. They stood there, like they were disconnected from their body. The people traveling with them said it lasted for a minute or two, then they always came back to themselves. I have not experienced this, but I have seen it. I could find no indicators of illness while it was happening. This can also happen after using a wayshrine.

    Repetitive Disorder

         This is an odd one, affecting both physical weapon users, and magicka users. I have seen it since coming to Vulkhel Guard a year ago. This one had a definite feel of something going wrong in the nerves running through a body. During a fight, or even during practice, people would stand there without doing anything, and then fire off a very rapid series of basic attacks. Talking to them after the incident, they all said they told their body to do a light attack, and nothing happened, so they did the same thing over and over. with nothing happening, until all of a sudden all of the attacks were executed almost at once.

    Discharge Disfunction Syndrome

         This is another one I have seen more than once, and no clue about. It is similar to Repetitive Disorder, but different enough to be discussed on it's own. In Discharge Disfunction Syndrome, the person, so far always a magicka user uses a high magicka, high concentration attack, and tries to follow it with an attack from their staff, which doesn't use their magicka or concentration. If they attempt to use a light staff attack, they have no problem. If they attempt a heavy staff attack, it sometimes won't fire. I have not been close enough to get a very thorough read on them, but I cannot feel anything wrong with them.
  • Starlock
    Oh, you've gotta do one for the shadow people. You know... a play on the fact that when you load into an area sometimes you don't see the PCs render and they just look like dark black shapes with generic weapons? It's seriously creepy and clearly a sign of medical trauma.

    So too is the fact that NPCs load into the game world last. Drives me nuts every time. Wish the developers would prioritize NPC loading over PC loading outside of PvP environments...
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