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Is ESO Plus Worth It? Spoiler Alert - Yes!

Soul Shriven
Greetings guys!

We made a short guide about ESO Plus' benefits & whether it's worth the investment of new players and veterans alike!

It would be amazing to get some feedback, do you share the same feelings? Do you think ESO Plus can get better?

You can check the article here

  • idk
    ESO+ benefits depend on the person.

    Someone totally frugal, especially one that has been playing since near the start, would save considerably if they just bought DLCs. They would do what was necessary to manager their inventory and would realize it is worth it to save some $$$.

    Take that a step further with someone who doesn’t want any new dungeons and they are just buying zones. They’re saving even more.

    These people would also be smart and buy their crowns on sale saving even more money and could care less about extra storage.

    The benefits of ESO+ is for the active player on all aspects of the game, especially crafting. Also for players that hoard armor and more.

    Granted, there are players that want to save the $$$ but also want the storage perks. They made their choice and even thought some complain they have to live with their choice. That’s the group that cannot really be pleased unless you just give into them.
  • serpentaa
    Soul Shriven
    Well I don't disagree anywhere. But to be honest the frugal option is to get plus just for one month and clear all the dlc areas, or wait for the free dlc days.

    I've personally spent quite a lot on ESO, but the only DLCs ive bought are thieves / DB, mostly because of the skill lines, dailies etc. I don't really feel it's worth buying them, but then again i'm an ESO plus user.

    I guess someone who would want to avoid plus all together, would be better off getting the DLCs at sales, BUT let's not forget the 1.650 crowns you get for each month of plus, which is almost the cost of one DLC.

    What's sure, is that they done a good job with this "endless circle of arguments", and at the end of the day it's worth having plus (while you're actively playing).
  • ThanatosXR
    It is but $10 would bring in more subbers with 1000 crowns. With all the valued add ons, its basically sub when active. They should do prepaid subs imo.
  • CecilOfAstora
    Soul Shriven
    It is definitely, but only if you play with at least a decent amount of my opinion even if you play "only" 3 or 4 days a week you definitely should consider it.
    While i agree with everyone who says that the "crafting bag" almost feels like a hostage for being behind a paywall, i have to say that receiving the 1500 crowns alone makes it worth it, since this way, in a handful of months, you would be able to cancel your subscription AND afford all the DLCs just using the crowns you got with the plus
  • Thorvik_Tyrson
    In other MMO's I always say that "worth it" is a personal opinion, as what is worth it to one player is not worth it to another player. Only you can decide for yourself what is worth it.

    I'm a newer player to ESO, and I go the ESO+ with my game purchase as I see it as being a quality of life option for playing the game. I find this true for most MMO's that I have tried over the years.

    After playing the game with ESO+, I don't think that I would say that the game is playable if I did not have ESO+ and the unlimited crafting mat bag. We have some other friends that tried the game without ESO+, and they are not collecting everything like we are, and they are constantly running out of bag space.

    So for my opinion - Yes! ESO+ is worth it. The game is unplayable without it I think.
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