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RDR Endgame PVE Raid Guild Recruiting vSS HM Aproved!!!

Hello Everyone, my name is Justin and I'm the GM of RDR (Red Dead Redemption) EU PVE Core raid guild. RDR is a 3 year old guild, we have completed all HM trials. We are a small and experienced guild with 2 groups, Outlaws and Rangers. We raid 7/7, 2 days are core and rest are mix runs.

We are looking for, skilled and ambitious players, aiming to beat the hardest endgame content. Atm we are looking for a MT or OT , one Healer and 2 DDS for our guild, with experience in all trials who's available as much as possible.

Our goal is to be strong, stable and motivated, in order to finish all of the achievements in trials. We're close to getting immortal Redeemer (32/36 12min) and Tick-tock tormentor (30/36 35min). We also finished vSS HM on all 3 bosses.

So if u want to join us u can contact me in game @JustinSpada or discord JustinSpada#1676. Thanks and i hope i see u soon.
Edited by JustinSpada on June 23, 2019 8:42AM
  • Cinder82
    ign @ Nagashira

    exp vTrial healer. cleared all vTrials incl. most hm's.

    i play both warden and templar healer.
  • JustinSpada
    Hello,I will add u afternoon,thanks for contact us.
  • Dabalya
    Soul Shriven
    Hello i have done all Vet trials and i am very experienced in all of them except AS.

    I am mainly playing mag dd ( nb,templar,warden ) and sometimes my warden tank.

    IGN: Dabalya
    Edited by Dabalya on April 30, 2019 9:12PM
  • JustinSpada
    Ok,we will discuss more in game.
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