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The Best Solo XP Grinds + Leveling TIPS

Hi everyone,

In honor of ESO’s 5 year anniversary I’ve created a new Solo XP guide over on YouTube. This is my second year doing this guide and I’d definitely recommend checking it out as there are some great spots here you might not know about. Plus, these are all BASE GAME grinds, so no DLC is required. I’m going to throw in the link for last year’s guide too as I go over some unique quest-based grinds that are great for leveling as well. So grab your Double XP buffs and get going!

Not interested in Grinding? Check out my Top 5 ways to level up in ESO where I talk about questing, exploring and even PVP. ESO does a great job at rewarding you with experience, no matter what you like doing.

Finally, if you are new to the game or just levelling up a new alt, check out my quick guides on the best way to level up skills and my 18 skill point shortcut.

Thanks for checking it out!
  • ThanatosXR
    Do you really need to grind levels in this game? I leveled up fast just doing what I want, battlegrounds, dungeons, delves,public dungeons, dolmens, the game never stops leveling, powerleveling is pointless, for one you spent money on a product to enjoy the product turning it into a race for pointless numbers defeats the purpose of playing, a big one is sure you grind to infinity but you wont have the skills nor knowledge to do the end content, making your numbers pointless if your some high number yet play like you just started yesterday, your not gonna be able to hang with people whom learned how to play and got good, hell you'll end up so inexperienced lower level would end up wiping you out.
    Best leveling advice:

    Wait for a bonus EXP event
    Obtain blue training Armor and weapons for level 10, 30, 40 (20 if you really want to but not necessary)
    Use a bonus experience scroll (you even get these as free gifts when you are leveling now)
    Go to Alakir, Auridon, Deshan, or any zone with wayshrines close to all three dark anchors.
    Find out the "order" the dark anchors are dropping in and just follow that order until you get tired

    When you want to enjoy the game stop grinding and just do whatever is fun to you.
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