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Zos Gina => more uniques, call to arms

Soul Shriven
As playing this game thus far, it has come to be seen that many end game trial players accumulate the same bland ‘meta’ gear. @ZOS_GinaBruno I need of you to introduce some uniqueness that the RP community of this game venturing off to do the harder content are in such dire need for.
How so? Well Gina, I’ll tell you how.
I need you to gather your troops to make more unique- equipped/named gear. For instance the named mace for the Akaviri Dragingaurd set “Bonelord’s Annihilator of the dragon”.
There are far too many sets that do not have an adequate amount of unique named items to set oneself apart from others that link their same old, boring gear.
One set to bring to attention, the Roaring Alkosh set.
C’mon Gina, y’all’s creativity is astounding. If y’all are able to come up with the quest “Freedom’s Chains” where you are given the choice to force a gay relationship to end or to let them find a way to make it, even though they might have many challenges to overcome, Im sure you can easily make a few items have spunkier names.

Thanks before hand! I know you’ll have something conjured up in the upcoming updates!!

Also, bystanders, leave a comment if you agree about the lack of unique items!
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  • luccerton
    Nice bait man
    Also known as pyroxius, fanatic twitch fan and youtube content creator!
  • WrathOfInnos
    Or we could get rid of all the uniquely named items, and make all set pieces start with the name of the set, so we can actually find them without needing inventory addons.
  • DeadlyRecluse
    I like actually creative items--the shield that talks to you, for instance, is really cool.

    Just adding a unique name? Meh. Doesn't really add anything to using the item and makes item organization frustrating.
    Thrice Empress, Forever Scrub
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