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New PS4 NA dungeon/trials guild looking for players of all levels

Hello everyone, me and three friends that I have met in a vet fanglair pug are creating a endgame trials guild. We have cleared all the 4 man content/achievements and are very capable players. We study and coordinate offline where we share tips strategies and suggestions. We are looking for players that are serious about the game and are willing to go through the fire and show the same level of dedication. Our goal as a guild is to ultimately clear all content in the game and we are open to helping all guildies reach their personal goals.

This is a friendly guild that’s open to all players. You will never be charged for anything, you can always ask for help and everyone is treated equal. We will never shame anyone for dying or making mistakes, zero tolerance for toxic behavior.

We still have open spots for our core raiding team also. If anyone is inserted in joining please message here, pm me or you can message via psn @ralphy_lauren_
  • Danksta
    You lost me on "zero tolerance for toxic behavior".
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • Fang_of_Lorkhaj
    We have a thread dedicated to guild recruitment. General isnt the place.
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