[PC] [EU] Blood Pact Bandits [PvP | Social]

Soul Shriven
The Blood Pact Bandits is a new PvP Guild for the Ebonheart Pact!
I hopes to create an environment were everyone in the guild can have fun in Cyrodiil no matter of skill or level.
As we have few members it may start slow but we hope to grow and bring our starting member with us!

Also just because we are a primarily PvP guild we are also secondarily a social guild so you can do always ask for help with PvE content.

Our requirements:
- Technically you only need to be level 10 as we are interested in fun.
- You need to be able to have a laugh and have fun but also be able to take it seriously.

If you are interested in joining the guild or just finding out more information you can either write below or mail @VordtOfBorealValley in game.
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