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Rarer Artifacts

I apologize if this has been posted or brought up before I didn't see anything for a few pages on the search. My time on ESO has been majorly split up over periods of time so I struggle remembering many things, but my question is what are some of the rarer artifacts or items our player characters have come in contact with over the various questlines? Items that the game lore itself refers to the items being rare or legendary.

I remember the Prismatic Weapon in the Fighters Guild, and the Folium Discognitum during the Mages Guild quest. If I recall I think the Skeleton Key was a plot point for CWC but I don't think we actually had it right? Beyond that I'm really struggling to remember any other items like that.
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  • DeadlyRecluse
    You get Wabbajack for a bit in Mages Guild quest, and obviously dawnbreaker is a skill now, lol.

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  • FleetwoodSmack
    We'll also eventually get replicas. For what it's worth.

    But there's some other instances.
    • Dawnbreaker also popped up in Summerset I believe.
    • During the quest in which you get to fondle dat sweet, sweet Wabbajack... You also retrieve the Fork of Horripilation

    I know I'm missing a lot of others. There's been quite a few references.
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  • Ogou
    You kinda "use" spellbreaker's protection in Scalecaller Peak if that counts.
  • Number_51
    Nerien'eth uncovered the Ebony Blade and brought it to Crypt of Hearts. Seen in Crypt of Hearts II dungeon.

    The Blade of Woe, if you consider it unique, can be summoned by any member of The Dark Brotherhood.

    I could be mistaken, but it seems I recall something about Mehrune's Razor having something to do with City of Ash (Whisper Grove).
  • Indoril_Nerevar
    With Spellbreaker from the crown store, if you have a Psijic ability slotted it really feels like you are using the actual Spellbreaker Shield.

    The Heart of Lorkhan exists.

    I believe The Staff of Magnus does, too. I may be wrong.

    Wraithguard also exists in ESO but many players keep on missin' it.

    The Skeleton Key exists, too.

    Lastly, with the existence of Barilzar -

    His Ring, Barilzar's Mazed Band technically may be in existence as a prototype or as a secret.
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  • prof-dracko
    It's actually possible to obtain Debaser, the sword from Oblivion. Spawn of Mephala in FGII has a chance to drop it. Not really an artifact though.
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