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DAGOTHWAVE Is Now Recruiting! Casual NA - PC Guild - PvP, PvE, & RP

Is Now Recruiting!
Casual NA - PC Guild - PvP, PvE, & RP

Welcome, Moon-and-Star! Come to us through fire and war! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Come, Nerevar! Come and look upon the heart! Lay down your weapons, It is not too late for our mercy!

We are a very small & casual Guild, and we're now looking for some more members! We don't take things too seriously within the Guild, but we have a lot of fun together and you'll find that we are a very welcoming community.

If this sounds like a Guild you would like to join, feel free to leave your ESO username below!

PS: The name DAGOTHWAVE comes from the Young Scrolls song of the same name which may be found below. We are perhaps the biggest fans of Young Scrolls you'll ever meet!
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  • Anlaemar

    (NA) Anlaemar with 750+ Champion Points
    Member Since April 15, 2014
    (EP)Alrik Vadason - Nord Dragonknight
    (EP)Matdasi Hlarrobar - Breton Mageblade
    Formerly known as Ra'dar Ahdhari - Main DPS 40k Self Buffed
    (EP)Marrec Vadason - Breton Templar Healer
    (EP)Nameless - Altmer Sorcerer - Secondary DPS
    - The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason -
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