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Returning player looking for rowdy group of filthy casuals

Soul Shriven
Title says it best, just put a simple list of things im looking for in a guild and then little info about me.

Adult crowd, no drama no annoying kids
Somesort of voice server,pref discord

A couple other no lifers thatll be on 3-4hours most days of the week ideally in the middle of the day.
Players with full understanding of endgame goals and pvp.
O yea pvp and pve interest.

About me
First mmo and love was lotro many years ago, played 7 hours a day on average for 2 and a half years. Played the game to the full extent in endgame pve and was very active in the games peak pvp content. Some people called me an elitist, i simply didnt want to carry people in my guilds challenge raids that were to lazy to do the 5 hour solo grind. I dont plan on playing eso that much but could devote roughly 3 hours a day to sometime around 12-5 central and maybe later at night for a bit depending. Im currently really enjoying healing and battlegrounds. Iv been in large multi game guilds with huge structures and guilds of 15 of my goodfriends, i much prefer the latter but am willing to join a larger clan as long as im not expected to keep up with a website or donations.
Ooo almost forgot most important part. Currently aldmeri dominion. Would prefer to find a cyrodil group within that to not have to restart.
If you made it this far congrats you might not hate me. Ingame names hobojimmy
  • NeeScrolls
    hi there , Hobojimmy!

    Not sure if you found a guild yet....and...tbh, we MIGHT be slightly too small (for now) for you cuz we just came back to the game recently and now i'm rebuilding us here:

    But just figured i'd offer anyways, just in case yep.

    regards, Nee

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