Shrine Demons - Guild just for fun and trading - Looking for new members - No level requirement

Soul Shriven
Shirne Demons are looking for new members. We are a quite a new guild. Our members are pretty much beginners. We are PvE and a little bit of a PvP guild. No tax(yet). Guild house exists although we need more money to make it actually viable.

If you think you wanna join mail or whisper @VleeGaming or @FlyAncientGod ingame (I advise to mail us because we are not always online).

Hoping for new members
Founder of Shrine Demons
Edited by VleeGaming on April 17, 2019 8:40PM
  • FlyAncientGod
    Soul Shriven
    im so sorry to the guy that msg me and didnt get a reply

    my internett decided to die and eso kicked me out so i had no way of contacting you...
    so sorry again for the mishap
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