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Cheat sheet for anniversary gift box from daily delves and world bosses

I made this to our guild but thought you might want to use it too.

Base game offers 15 dailys, DLC’s/ESO+ offers 83 and Summerset 13 for total of 101 daily quests.
There is a hard cap of 40 quests per account. Owning all chapters and having ESO+ only allows soloing 25 gift boxes.

By first accepting shared quests from others, then sharing the ones you can offer and then again accepting from others it is possible to get nice cower of dailys and 100% in most areas. Best group is big where the person with least quests left in the area leads. Having big group ensures there is good supply of shares. Disbanding after each quest is really bad idea as it shatters the sharing circle and leaves people out of team. So be a horde and sharing is caring.

List of quests, prerequisites and locations:
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