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Returning player looking for PVE and PVP Guilds

Soul Shriven
B) Hey!!

I'm a returning player looking for pve, pvp, gear farming, and trading guilds. My main thing used to be open world pvp, but I'm also seriously interested in Veteran dungeon achievements. I really like battlegrounds and vet dlc dungeons. I have two champion rank characters, and 4 low level characters. My goal is to level my new healer for vet dlc dungeons and trials. I also have a low level tank but I dunno if I would be any good with that. lol

My psn is FloofyForestCat Thanks a bunch!!!!! <3<3<3;)

p.s. Also would prefer adult guilds or 21+ age requirement

  • Sookmagook
    @FloofyForestCat NSO would love to have you! I'll put our recruitment link below. We are dominantly a social pve guild but do have some pvp and battleground nights. We run normal and vet progression trials as for vet dungeon achievements, there are quite a few groups going, typically its about finding a group you gel with and work through them together. Our average age is significantly higher then 21 but we do have some exceptional teens that play. If your interested in joining message me:)

    PSN Sookmagook NA PS5/PC
    GM of New Scrolls Order
  • acokebear
    We have opened up our guild, Clan of the Snow Bear, to those players that want a place where they can run trials - vet and normal, do pvp - all alliances are welcome, have help getting achievements, and want a place to meet up with friends.

    We can do vet and normal content in a fun, positive, teaching environment. We do daily and weekly rotating events such as Cyrodiil Conquest Board, delve completions, skyshard hunts, Battlegrounds, Imperial City/Sewers and trials. We can help you with skin runs and monster helm runs. We will be adding monthly 50/50 raffles and more events as we grow. We welcome anyone who wants to run events and/or workshops.

    We have a mixture of new players and veteran players.

    We have several ranks, including one just for players that can do veteran trials (min 30k dps) and one for those who just want to be more social and relaxed. This, along with helpful notes (preferred role/s, master crafter, vampire, werewolf) listed in the roster notes, helps everyone know who they can call on for help if needed.

    We do not have a guild trader, so we do not charge any dues. We do have a guild bank, store and tabard.

    We have 2 guild halls for your use. One has all the mundus stones, services, dummies and is working on getting all the attunable crafting stations.The second house is partially done and has/will have most of the trials laid out so you can see where dps, healers, and tanks stand during boss fights.

    We have Facebook, Discord and a PSN Community Page, but we do not require you to use any of them.

    Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you are over the age of 18, willing to participate in events and/or text chat, can help others in a respectful way, and just want to get stuff done while having fun.

    If this sounds like the guild for you please message acokebear or flipper1975wat on PSN and an invite will be sent.

    We look forward to running with you!
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