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KNIGHT MOVESS - RECRUITING - This weeks Trader - Belkarth, Craglorn

Soul Shriven
We are a social trading guild where all levels are welcome. Dues are 5k Wkly. We have Master Crafters and helpful members willing to help you with your build or vet dungeons to get you those monster helms.

We have weekly events and/or contest with little to NO ENTRY FEES

All members can enter our exclusive JuLy 4th BACKSTORY CONTEST with great prizes! NO ENTRY FEE

Enjoy our Exclusive Guild Auctions - Dungeon Races - Scavenger Hunts - Decorating Contest and much much more!
Request membership to be part of our CYRODIIL Monday's where alliances rotates weekly. Our Cyrodiil guides will show you how to get started.
TRIALS Wednesday brings members together where you can learn the mechanics. Thursday SKYSHARDS, DELVES, and WB ZERG!

Guildhall has Attunable Crafting Stations - Dye - Merchant - Banker - Transmute - Provision- Alchemy - Enchanting -Practice dummies, & all 13 Mundus Stones

Join our Discord and be entered into our members only Random 100K Gold Giveaway! Our Knights Workshop channel let's you find mentors to help you become a better player.

Request membership - Pixie_Vixen on NA PS4
Edited by PixieVixen on May 18, 2019 6:04PM
  • PixieVixen
    Soul Shriven
    Trader in Belkarth, Craglorn. We now run trials every Wednesday. Join and be part of our family of friends!
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