DPS and tank LF difficult end game content guild


My friend and I are looking for a guild to do harder content with. I've completed everything in game except +3 VCR. The tank has done everything except +3 VCR and +2 VAS. I mainly use magblade and stamblade, and he's a DK tank. We're open to any days and can be on at 8pm est. If you need any additional information, please message. Thank you for your time.
  • Hamrb
    hey! whats your in game user id? i can send you an invite to our guild, sheogoraths mortals. we run and have cleared all content besides vcr+3, which we recently started working on. its liking like we'll have that down within the next 2-3 weeks.we have 490+ active members and a helpful discord. just leave your in game @names here or mail me in game @Hamrb only two requirements. 160+cp and discord :D
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    Founder of Sheogorath's Mortals NA PC

    Exiled Lannister EP Sorc dps
    Hamrb EP Temp healer or dps
    l mufasa l EP Stamblade
    Fat Tyrion EP DK dps
    Mia Stone AD DK tank or dps
    Finn the Altmer AD Nightmage
    Launch Pad McQuack DC DK DPS
    Sterk Stonecrusher EP Stamplar
    -Wabba Jack DC Stam Sorc
    Sheo's Sweeper DC Magicka Temp
  • Krissalsa
    Check us out!
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