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PC NA - Experienced DPS LF Vet Trials Guild

Hi, I’m Wuffy. My main raiding guild was rather suddenly disbanded, and now I lack a group to raid with. So I’m looking for a new home :disappointed:
I main a khajiit magsorc that can pull roughly 45k on a 6 mill test dummy self-buffed. However, I have 1 of each other magicka class that can be raid ready pretty fast. I have the most experience on magsorc and magplar. They’re all khajiit, cept my magblade. I plan on getting a race change for her to cat soonish (used all 3 free ones on other toons). I also plan on making a khajiit magnecro once they’re live.
My experience is as follows: vAA HM, vHRC HM, vSO HM, vAS HM, vAS+1 on both minibosses, vHoF HM, vMoL, vCR+0, and flawless vMA. My previous raid group was working on vMoL HM when they disbanded.
I’ve raided in mainly progression groups and am not too serious with scores/times. Such attitudes can foster toxicity, and I certainly don’t want to give that impression. I admit I will shy at first, but given some time, I’ll warm up ^_^ I’ll happily join a group progressing in one of the DLC trials. I know I’ll want to get to Sunspire here soon. I’m mainly free in the evening and earlier night, 6-11 EST. Any raids during then works for me :D
If you need a relatively experienced dps, let me know!
For the love of Kyne, buff sorc. PC NACP 2100+Star-Sïnger - Khajiit Magicka Sorc - EP Grand Overlord - Flawless ConquerorvMA/vBRP/vDSA no death/vHel Ra HM/vAA HM/vSO HM/vMoL HM/vHoF HM/vAS +2/vCR+3/vSS HMs/vKA HM/vVH/vRG Oax HM/vDSR
Falls-With-Stars - Argonian Magicka Templar - Former EmpressDragon-in-Shadows - Argonian Nightblade Tank - Shadow BreakerEossos - Khajiit Magicka Templar HealerDeath-Singer - Argonian Magicka NightbladeDark-Star - Khajiit Magicka DragonknightIce-Dancer - Khajiit Magicka WardenTsalli-ko - Khajiit Stamina SorcererThe-Gold-Experience - Khajiit Magicka NecromancerKhiiral - Dunmer Magicka Dragonknight
  • Krissalsa
    Hey! Definitely check us out!

  • Hamrb
    hey, i can send you an invite to sheogoraths mortals if youre interested. we have several raid team around the times that work for you, and over 490 active members to play with. just let me know your @name in game and i can send an invite. or you can just message me in game @Hamrb only two requirements. 160+cp and discord :D
    Edited by Hamrb on April 12, 2019 10:14PM
    Founder of Sheogorath's Mortals NA PC

    Exiled Lannister EP Sorc dps
    Hamrb EP Temp healer or dps
    l mufasa l EP Stamblade
    Fat Tyrion EP DK dps
    Mia Stone AD DK tank or dps
    Finn the Altmer AD Nightmage
    Launch Pad McQuack DC DK DPS
    Sterk Stonecrusher EP Stamplar
    -Wabba Jack DC Stam Sorc
    Sheo's Sweeper DC Magicka Temp
  • Shadowproject
    Hi there, Wuffy.

    Ashen Blades is a small guild composed of an exceedingly helpful community of present and former raiders like yourself. We do vet trials on Tues & Sunday 8-10 EST, as well as random raids on Thursdays at the same time. I'd invite you to find me in game @shadowproject or you may also track down our GM @Armina in game, and we can hook you up with our Discord info so you can come check out our community and see if that works for you.

    We have completed much of the same content you have, and are actually in need of a DPS for our progression raid team. I look forward to speaking with you, and hope that whatever guild you decide on it's a great fit for you!
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