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Addon for always show experience bar?

I've tried looking in game to see if there is an option to always show the experience bar but have not found it. If there isn't, there should be in my opinion. Having an always showing experience bar in a game where experience gain for leveling up your character is a thing seems like it should just be there with an option to turn it off for those for whatever reason may not want it on. Anyway, I tried the slightly improved experience bar addon but I don't like how the numbers are inside the bar. I just want to have the experience bar up there. Is there an addon that lets me just always show the experience bar without numbers inside the bar and without changing the graphics of the bar? Thanks
  • Esoriel

    I found Slightly Improved Experience Bar (Fixed veteran display) which gives the options to turn the numbers off completely and always shows the experience bar. If anyone is looking for an addon to do this then this is the one.It says it hasn't been updated since 7/3/16 but I just installed it and it works.
  • karthrag_inak
    wykkyd toolbar is pretty cool, has a lot of configurable options, including crafting timers, inventory and bank, and a few other things.
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