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QuestMap boots me from game? Also issues with MiniMap by Fyrakin

So the QuestMap addon works but I can't stay in game for more than a couple minutes before I get booted from the game. I also get an error message about the addon in game every time I login. I just downloaded and installed it a few minutes ago so everything should be up to date. I'm also having issues with MiniMap by Fyrakin. I just don't see it anywhere. Is there a command I need to type just to make it show? Everything is enabled on the addon page. Thank you for any help you can provide!
  • Gythral
    ... delete
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  • Nestor
    The built in quest tracker has had some major changes, so any addons that deal with quests are suspect. One of the changes is to show you where on the map to go for the quest or to start the next stage. So, you may not need that addon.

    As for Frykins, mine works, so perhaps reset the map to stock.
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  • Esoriel
    Both of the addons work now. I did a fresh install of both and that seemed to do it.
  • Baertram
    An alternative for Fyrakins Minimap:

    Imo a more performant solution but maybe missing some of the Fyrakin plugins for the changed visuals of the minimap.
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