LF Guild with lots of active beginner players.

Soul Shriven
I'm looking for a guild with mature players, who are just starting out in ESO, to join up and do stuff with. Aussie based would be a bonus. Add me on @eXdeMedici
    hey bud how are you , we are a beginner guild for the most part, im trying to get more players so it can be fully active but the more we grow, we will reach that point , so far everyone is from all over most of us are adults, so mature atmosphere for sure. i have a gaming community , that corresponds with the guild , its a community for bringing gamers together to make friends and to play together, your more than welcome to join all of them , add me in game @HICKXKUSH
    these are the links to the community, we use the discord for communication and if you send me your name or if you add me as a friend i ll invite you to the guild, if your interested, i got a couple people from australia in the community as well. hope to bring you in ...


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