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[PC EU] Healer looking for Endgame Raiding Group <3 [ENG/GER]

Soul Shriven
Hello everybody, my name is Blume and I am currently looking for an Endgame PvE Trials Group.

I only play Healer, since I am a really bad DD. :D

I can offer three different Templar Heals (Breton - Main, Highelf, Argonian) aswell as Sorc and Warden Heals.
Eventhough I am most experienced on Templar I would love to get better at Sorc and Warden, since I want to be as flexible as possible.

I have all regular Healing sets and farming new ones should never be a big problem for me.
I love theory-crafting and discussing strats and set ups with other healers - and all other players - so I am always open to new ideas.

I cleared all trials and am up to date with every common (and some sneaky uncommon) strategies.

I did Gryphon Heart and some okay-ish scores - vCR 128.324 (Murkmire), vMoL 167.290 (Murkmire) but would love to work harder for even greater things in this game.
I am relatively unexperienced in vAS and vHoF since I never worked for a score in there, my groups didn't focus these trials when I was with them.
But I learn quickly and am lucky to have some very experienced healers as friends that I love to annoy from time to time. :3

I pay attention to my CMX after every run and try to perfect uptimes, of course preferably together with the whole support team.
Harmony and a good atmosphere between group members are important to me.

If you want to have a look at gameplay of me, here are some videos:

- My first Plat 3 Nuke on Rakkhat

- Gryphon Heart (Group playing safe for it)

- Full vitality vAA Fun Run with 2 Healers (Old Strat!)

I also do little builds and guides here and there.

I had a long ESO Pause until summer last year, which was also the time I decided I want to take things a bit more seriously.
I never really had good luck with guilds and this is why I would love to find a new 'Home', where friendship and humor are just as important as progression.

Optimal Raiding Days would be Sunday, Monday, Thursday, but I am relatively flexible because I can plan my work schedule myself, always one week ahead.
(These days are the ones my boyfriend's group raids. It would be lovely if some days are the same so we can have some family time on the remaining days.)

I am mainly looking for a group that has cleared all HMs and is trying to progress on scores, but something more laid-back would be fun too, as long as clearing HMs goes relatively smoothly.

I am looking forward to meet you guys!

You can leave your info here or contact me ingame @ProNDC_Blume

Take care,
✿ Blume ✿


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