Xbox NA Cyrodiil loading screens

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  • Katastrophia
    I have issues on Xbox NA. In cyrodiil. Since the wrathstone update it’s worse than usual. And multiple issues happening. Hitting long load screens that happen back to back. While taking a keep and in battle I either freeze up and go into a load screen or get kicked completely out of the game. If I get killed and try to revive somewhere, I get stuck halfway between the map quest screen and the view of being dead. Sometimes if I travel from keep to keep using transitus shrine it does the same thing. Get stuck in load screen or half of the map/quest screen and I end up having to exit the game and reload. I’ve missed so many keep flips from this mess happening. Cyrodiil has always had bad lag issues but it’s been way worse since the last update. I have done hard reset and cleared saved data hoping it would help. Nope. I’ve missed a lot of AP points along with missed mission board assignments because of this problem. Ynthe time I get logged back in the group has flipped the keep or resource and is gone so I don’t get credit for it. Not to mention I have to try to find the group I was following every time it happens. Sometimes it happens 3-4 times an hour if not more. It’s not my internet either. My daughter has a xbox as well and will be playing but not in cyrodiil and she doesn’t have any issues. Also I’ve experienced the outer wall of the keep just disappear out from under me while standing on it with a seige weapon. Nothing more fun when you drop to the ground in the middle of another alliance trying to get in. But where they’re breaking in at was not close to where I had my seige set up. I hope somehow this issue can be resolved
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