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End game DPS LF vet trials guild that raids before 9pm EST.

TL; DR version: I love raiding and I wish I could stay up later, but I simply can't. I've been trying to find a vet trials guild that meets my schedule and raids before 9pm EST, but it's proving more difficult than I thought. So I thought I would give the forums a shot. Hit me up if you have a raiding guild for "early birds"!

If you need a resume, here's mine:
- I've cleared all of the vet trials. I've done hard mode for all of the Craglorn trials and vHoF. (I'd like to get better at HM for all of the DLC trials.)
- I've cleared vMA on the stamina and magicka versions of all 5 classes. (But I only have Flawless Conqueror on my mag NB.)
- I can do at least 40k DPS on the stamina and magicka version of all classes except wardens. I just don't enjoy them. (Sorry, Wrobel.)

Lastly, I think I have a healthy view about vet trials and I want to be part of a guild that has one, too. I'm competitive and I like to push for a leaderboard-worthy score, but I also understand that--at the end of the day--this is just a game. My main goal is just to have fun solving intellectual puzzles (like vet trials) with my friends. If this is your guild's attitude, too, then we'd be a great match! (If you raid before 9pm EST!)
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