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New player needs your help with build for stamDK build for no cp pvp.

Hello, i'm kinda new to eso, recently started playing in NO CP cyrodiil as stam DK, really enjoying it. But i have problems with gear.
I want to ask suggestions for a craftable/AP build that runs bloodspawns monster set on stam dk that could deal decent damage and have some sustain.
Thank you.
  • Vapirko
    That’s tough sustain wise. Its almost imperative that you run bone pirate tatters in no CP open world, especially as a beginner. I’ve run shackle breaker, fury and bloodspawn in heavy with some decent success. You’ll just have to make up sustain with mundus or jewelry glyphs/wpn glyphs to a point where you feel comfortable. Use dubious camoran throne drink. On a stam DK I’m pretty much okay with low stam regen down to around 1400 maybe 1200. You’ll have to heavy attack and be mindful of your ults to help with sustain as well.
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