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PvP Gear

I stopped playing the game a year or so after launch. Now I am back.

Cyrodiil used to have PvP armor and weapon merchants. Now they just sell "unknown" crates of RNG items. Is PvP gear no longer sold or is it sold somewhere else? Or do people just use normally crafted gear now for PvP?

  • ruikkarikun
    You can buy PVP gear in any Guild Traders. But there are some sets you can buy from "Elite Gear Vendor" in Bruma/Vlast towns in Cyro or get them from Rewards of the Worthy.

    You can check Tamriel Trade Centre site if you want find specific piece fast. Also there is an addon.

    Depends on class, there are many options now, some meta setups use crafted gear (for example shacklebreaker still nice).
  • OrangeTheCat
    Alrighty. Thanks.
  • OrangeTheCat
    I have no interest in "meta". Just gonna do what makes sense for me and what I have fun with.
  • Spartabunny08
    Weapons are sold at the west gate for these sets in the towns. Since you've been gone for awhile the new meta is super tanky and super burst damage with bleedpocalypse last patch lol.
  • fred4
    Many sets are well-regarded in PvP. Here are some popular ones. Crafted:

    Fortified Brass
    Armor Master

    Overland or PvP farmed and guild traded:

    Seventh Legion
    Cyrodiil's Crest

    Dungeon farmed, bind on pickup:

    Amber Plasm
    Hulking Draugr
    Bone Pirate
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