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Dark Brotherhood DLC Question (2019)

Hello, I am contemplating on making a new character just to do the main story quest of this DLC. My question is, will this character that I create to do the said DLC content be considered "chaotic/neutral/lawful evil"? If yes, is there anyway to justify my character's actions in the said content so that my character's role-play alignment remains "good"?

Please advise.

Best regards,
  • Nareya726
    The story is definitely more suited to an evil character (can be chaotic, neutral, or lawful depending on your choices) but depending on your roleplay/head canon you could also pull off a chaotic neutral. My explanation will have minimal, if any, spoilers but I'm tagging it just in case:
    Reasoning behind neutral:
    The majority of people you assassinate in the main questline are corrupt political and religious figures. For my neutral character I roleplay that she's going along with this to keep the fanatics under control and prevent disaster.

    While a chaotic good character could be working with the Brotherhood for the same reasons, here is why I don't personally think it's a good fit:

    1. The organization itself is a cult that celebrates murder. It's difficult to see my good characters working with them for that reason alone. Also, the starter quest is to murder an innocent to get noticed. You can pick an NPC labeled "Outlaw" as your target - which is what I did on my neutral character - but the whole thing still feels like an evil deed.
    2. A lot of the side contracts you have to complete to advance the main storyline involve murdering innocents. You could technically pick and choose so you're only completing the ones that involve murdering slavers and spies but this will be more time consuming as you'll have to do a lot of reading and refreshing.

    If you can work with the first two items you could roleplay a good character who's infiltrating the Dark Brotherhood to spy on them, but the whole "you belong to Sithis" theme throughout the storyline makes that less appealing to me personally.

    All that being said, while I usually play good characters I think this particular DLC is much more fun playing evil. I chose lawful and enjoyed playing a cold-hearted, by-the-book assassin. I recommend creating a new character to get the full experience and have fun with it. That way you can see things firsthand and if you decide to work in one of the "good" role plays you can go back with one of your other characters.
    Edited by Nareya726 on March 25, 2019 9:58PM
  • Rontabs77
    Thank you very much @Nareya726 for this thorough and comprehensive explanation of the DLC, letting me (us) know of what to expect from it. I may have to create a new character whose role is a sleuth to at least remain a true neutral, or I'm thinking of just staying away from it. Either way, thanks a lot!
  • CireNesnomis
    I like playing Good & Lawful toons. The DLC is worth playing and experiencing it in full so I too created a new toon (Nightblade) just for this DLC and used him in Thieves Guild as well. I kept him and have played him at times but mainly during the Celebrations. It was a lot of fun to play a full Assassin. I assumed he was a True Neutral who found the Guild duties thrust upon him. One other note, without doubt, Nightblade cloaking skills and medium armor traits are well suited for the DLC. Enjoy!
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  • Nareya726
    @Rontabs77 Not a problem! I'm happy I was able to help and I hope you have fun with it should you decide to play through.
  • Nestor
    I only took the Radiant quests that name a specific NPC to kill. That way I can RP that the target was a bad person. Cant do that when i am just supposed to kill a number of random NPCs.

    The main quest line is really no more or less violent than any other quest line. It's just the radiant mass murder quests that are hard to RP as a nuetral
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  • Rontabs77
    Hello @LightMaster7 , I saw your thread regarding the Dark Brotherhood DLC and I felt that it would be helpful that I let you know about this thread where @Nareya726 politely explains the nature of the said DLC.
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