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Magplar rotation help

HI all, i need some help with my Magplar rotation. On a good day i can just about touch 40k, but realistically its around 30k most of the time (self)
however, most other people im running magplars with are hitting 45-55k with some ease.

i suspect the problem is im using force pulse rather than ele weapon - problem is i find ele weapon very very clunky to use so ive steered away from it.

ive got just about every type of armour/weapon available, mothers sorrow, spell strat/ siroria/vma staffs / perf asylum etc... you name it. But i just cant seem to make it "work"

can anyone steer me in the direction of a decent rotation/setup?
  • zvavi
    elemental weapon has the same timing as force pulse. I would recommend getting used to it. Also it is not the reason for 6k difference. It is all practice and getting rotation right, as long as you are on PC try combat metrics and compare. If on console, my condolences. Somehow make sure you are hitting the light attacks.
  • MJallday
    yeah im on console. i wonder if its because i was using perf asylum/ vma with force pulse then swithced to ele without switching gear.

    whats the meta these days for magplar? spell strat zaans and mothers sorrow?
  • Floliroy
    Hey atm on templar i'm using :
    Siroria / SpellStrat
    + Acuity / MotherSorrow
    + Zaan

    From what i found if i have my crit set only on one bar then Acuity > Sorrow, but if i have my crit set constantly then Sorrow > Acuity.

    Then for the rotation try to keep your dots as much up as possible.
    And ele weapon will be better than pulse on a solo parse cause you will get more minor vulnerability (increase damage dealt by 8%).

    You can find a MagPlar video on a 6M dummy on my youtube channel also if you want.
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