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vCR +1/2 Core recruiting. Thur 20cet, Sat 19cet

**Thursday 20:00, Saturday 19:00 (CET).**

We will start from vCR+1.

CP700+ and active mic mandatory.

*Recruitment & Selection process might take several weeks*

Requirements (for DDs):

- 45k+ dps on 6mil with ele drain and orbs provided by someone

- Screenshots from Trial dps will help the application

- Include Superstar screenshot to show your gear

- No pet builds

Parse rules:

-17k hp with Ebon

- Spell pen <13k during parse

- No shock enchant frontbar

- No other buffs provided other than Ele Drain + Orbs

- No cheese food

- No support sets

Other requirements:

- Mention your raiding experience/clears

- Sets you have

Application link:

Contact in-game: @Mizaeron

Discord: Miza#0546
Edited by Mizaeron on March 22, 2019 9:56AM
  • Thicclady
    I have a qustion: "No shock enchant on main bar", can it be used on off bar, or not at all? I use it in trials, do I have to change it?
  • Mizaeron
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