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Wardens is a small PVE [EU] raiding progression group of 12 - 15players willing to achieve end-game contents of the game.

We closed the following trials:

All craglon trials on HM
AS +2
CR +2

Our goal is of course the CR+3! For this raid we are recruiting players who respect the mechanics in raid, have the right skills, learning from own mistakes and looking up to finish CR+3

We are re-building in this moment our group and searching for:

Main/Off Tank with the right soft/ hard skills.
2 range magicka DDs with minimum of 40k in raid DPS.

Both of this positions should have at least done CR +1.

Our raiding days are usually at the same time (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday), starting with the invitation at 19:45 - till max 23:00, but final days and hours of raiding will be established after we form group.

If you interested or need know more about us, don't hesitate to contact me in game: @Johny29_S
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  • Rhoswyn
    Johny29_SK wrote: »
    Hello, I'm a tank who has completed all Crag HMs, vMoL, vHoF HM, vAS+1 and vCR+2 and would be interested. I've added you in game so I'll try contact you next time you are on.
  • Johny29_SK
    Hello Rhoswyn,

    Thanks for your message! I personally will be online at ca 18-19 CET and we can get in touch.

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