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What to buy - Elsweyr

Soul Shriven
Hello I have some questions about Elsweyr and Summerset, thanks for replies.
1; Which "version" of Elsweyr do I need to buy to get Summerset included?
2; Will be in Digital Collector's update Summerset Included?
3; Will be Summerset as ESO + content after Eslweyr?
  • Mixith
    Considering what happened to Morrowind i suspect that Summerset will also become ESO+ content after Elsweyr releases
  • idk
    Mixith wrote: »
    Considering what happened to Morrowind i suspect that Summerset will also become ESO+ content after Elsweyr releases

    But that does not answer OP's question. They may want to start Summerset for no additional cost if they can.

    To answer OP's question as best as I can, it is hard to tell. Looking at the info graphic for PC pre-purchase it looks like both the standard edition Digital Collectors edition both include Summerset, but when moving on to purchase it I do not see a confirmation it is included.

    Caveat, I already own Summerset so the information I get in the actual purchase screen may not be what you see. Last year I think it was all Summerset pre-purchase came with Morrowind. That would make sense because Morrowind was divided into sections with the zone becoming just a normal DLC.

  • Elsonso
    New purchases of Elsweyr include Morrowind and Summerset
    In addition to the above, digital pre-purchases of the full Elsweyr Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition (not Upgrades) provides immediate access to ESO base game, Morrowind Chapter, and Summerset Chapter. The Collector’s Edition will also include the Collector’s Edition items for each Chapter, too. Note that these editions will continue to include Morrowind and Summerset post-launch, but the only way to get immediate access before launch is by digitally pre-purchasing them

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  • Watchdog
    1. Any of the two version NOT marked as Upgrade.
    2. No, see the link below.
    3. Nobody knows.

    This shows the contents of the four versions nicely:
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