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Stove you can cook from

I was so excited to buy my Hlaalu stove so I could put my winter festival hearthfire into it and have a proper stove that you could cook from only to discover that it doesn't work. Who else is disappointed by this?
  • lientier
    is the hearthfire on its own interactible? I mean I have the same problem with the regular cooking fire, as soon as you put pots and pans around or in it, you can't use it anymore
    PC-EU @lientier
  • IHecate
    Yes, the hearthfire is a provisioning station that came with the Christmas furnishing pack. I love it as it looks so much better than the regular provisioning station but I would have loved to put it inside the Hlaalu stove.
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    That is a characteristic of all interactive items. If their hit box intersects with other objects they might cease to be interactive. I have a few pots around my hearthfire but could not make it realistic with a dutch oven sitting in the coals. I also had issues after the last update where a stool that never intersected with the hearthfire suddenly did. The hearthfire stopped working but the stool still worked.
  • kind_hero
    I posted about this when the item was on the test server... it seems they do not care or just want us to use that ugly provisioning station.
    [PC/EU] Tamriel Hero, Stormproof, Grand Master Crafter
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