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Would you want a new PvP zone?

  • Alucardo
    No. Just optimise Cyrodiil and make IC more appealing to get people in there. IC is by far my favourite place to PvP, but it's not a lot of fun when there's nothing but NPCs down there, and maybe a few nbs lurking in the shadows.
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  • disintegr8
    Yes (includes "Yes!", "Yes, if...", "Yes, but...", etc.)
    Only if it replaced an existing campaign. I agree with other who have said that the population doesn't warrant it but maybe a new zone would attract more players.

    An alternative would be to rework what we currently have, I hate IC but can enjoy Cyrodiil when I'm in t he right mood but it is very stale and tired.
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  • Mr_Walker
    How about they fix the one they have now?

    Yesterday I was killed by lag as many times as players.
  • Druid40
    Yes (includes "Yes!", "Yes, if...", "Yes, but...", etc.)
    Mr_Walker wrote: »
    How about they fix the one they have now?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you were serious.
  • Beardimus
    Not sure/Don't care
    Pvp focus, yes.

    New area / possible dilution of pop, nope.

    PVP has had alot of love since launch really, IC, duels, BG, destructable bridges.

    Rather than new zone is prefer a review to enhance alliance loyalty and stop boosting / cheating etc, make the fight mean more.
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  • ruikkarikun
    We need performance improvement.
    I'm afraid their new campagin is an cheap try to force some people from Cyrodil in hope it will make less lag.
    But it's not I'm sure.
    But this is all about nothing, since they're ignoring lag.
  • Xvorg
    Yes (includes "Yes!", "Yes, if...", "Yes, but...", etc.)
    Skyngrad's streets look nice for small a PvP zone (12vs12vs12)
    The biggest problem within this game is the lack imagination on its player base and its developers...
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  • Zevrro
    I feel like a new zone would have exactly the same issues that Cyrodiil current has. PVP doesn't have the player base to have a lot of choices of where to PVP without them being underpopulated.
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