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copied and paste quests?

has anyone fond any quests that are copied and pasted from other zones? got a quest called plagues of phaer that is nearly identical to the plague quest in deshaan
  • Vuron
    Not sure how long you've been playing, but before 1T, each alliance had their own sequential zones and questlines. There were, and are, quite a few similar quests in the game because the original design only had you experiencing one alliance.
  • VaranisArano
    IIRC, they arent that similar excepting that they both deal with finding who's causing a plague and quarantines that aren't quite what they seem.
    Phaer is being caused by a guy feeding his vampire son while the Deshaan questline is an angry mother taking revenge on Almalexia for killing her heretic son.
  • Mintaka5
    Mudcrab Beach WB in Stormhaven is the same as The Queen's Hatchery WB in Summerset
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