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Red Dead Redemption (EU-PVE-CORE-Raiding-Guild) is Recruiting!!!

Hello Everyone,my name is Justin and i am the GM of RDR (Red Dead Redemption) EU PVE Core Raid Guild.RDR is an 3 years old guild ,we have completed all HM trials.We are an small experiance guild ,we have 2 grups Outlaws and Rangers and we raid 7/7 ,3 days are core and rest are mix runs .Since the new trial Sunspire will be released soon like all the core guild is time for recruitment.We are looking for, skilled and ambitious players, aiming to beat the hardest endgame content.Atm we looking for an MT or OT , one Healer and 3 DDS for our core grup with experiance in all trials and avaible time as match as possible.The plan for the new core grup is to be strong,stable and motivated ,in order to finish all hardets achivements in trials.Awer best attempt for Immortal Redeemer was 12 min 32/36 and Tick-Tock 30/36 35 minutes.We already finished many time vSunspire in pts and now we working on HM.So if u want to join us and become and Outlaw u can contatc me in game @JustinSpada or discord JustinSpada#1676.Thanks and i hope i see u soon.
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  • JustinSpada

    We looking for experienced OT and DD for vHOF Tick-Tock and vAS +2 Immortal Redeemer (31/36 vitality,12 mins).
    We have completed all trails VET & HM vCR +3 Approve.
    We Raid 7/7 from 20:00 CET and Core days are Friday and Saturday.
    If you're interested and experaince and wanna join ,u can contact me in game or in discord @JustinSpada.
    Thanks and i hope i see u soon.
  • OfficerOfDeath
    I tried to contact you in game today, you didn't seem to be online at the time. I have some questions about your guild and would be interested in joining you guys. @TheRoyalReaper
    PC - EU / NA

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    Akza-dar the Reaper - Necromancer Tonk (50)

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