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[Blood Knights of Khorne] BALLERS WANTED

Blood Knights of Khorne is now looking for the following PvP roles:
- BOMBERS (few slots open) all classes welcome (destro highly preferred)
- NEGATE TANKS (*highest priority*)
- CC TANKS (talons/banner dk or magsorc preferred)

Stamdps is welcome but priority is given to support roles!

- all factions allowed.
- Access to guild bank @member rank
- chance to make a lot of QUICK/EASY AP
- No zerging (groups are 12 people and under)
- knowledgeable members who are willing to share their build for support roles. (If you want to bomb, we’ll teach you to bomb. If you want to heal, we’ll teach you to heal. Etc...)
- Chill and laid back attitudes. Get better not bitter.
- Discord channel

- mainly a night time/weekend guild.
- Too sarcastic for our own good.
- If you run support role, you’ll be required to run certain sets...nothing personal, it’s just how it goes.
- You won’t have a giant horde to back you up. Majority of the time, we stay away from the main Zerg which means you have to know what you’re doing and be in perfect synch with the rest of the group.
- Inactivity will result in a kick. If you don’t want to be running with us, we don’t want to be running with you. Simple as that.

If you’re interested, message GMs Lokirules or Sevendeadlypunk On PSN for the deets.

*serious inquires only*
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