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Help me to understand one thing about Argonian food...

Jotep-Liurz, an Argonian from the Bright-Throats says as follows:

"Mmm. The bonding season feasts are always sumptuous, but if you think brined leeches are delicious the first time, try regurgitating them from your crop in a few hours.
They are proof the Hist love us."

Ok. Brined is a way of cooking with salt - I understand this part. Now, leeches - emm... it is not a fish, right? It is a blood-sucking creature used for medical purposes in real world, right? Next part is totally omnious for me: but if you think... are delicious the first time, try regurgitating them from your crop in a few hours. So, one eats a brined leech, it seems tasty, but one needs to vomit it later? For...what?... I have a very weird guess and I hope I'm wrong just because English is not my native...
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  • Claudman
    It seems all the tribes have different and particularly peculiar diets (I would personally guess that the Naga-Kur are meat-eaters as they are warriors), but grubs and insects seem to be quite popular as seen in Murkmire's dishes.
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  • VaranisArano
    The crop in birds is a part of their esophagus used to store food prior to digestion. Some species will reguritate food from the crop to feed their chicks.

    So I'd guess this is something similar.
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